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We latinos love everything latin (obviously) but we also enjoy to explore new alternatives, I'm always on the look for cities where you can find a whole universe full of culinary wonders, entertainment and lifestyles.
I'm Beatriz (Bea) Mexicana, proud member of the latino community and currently loving my life in Las Vegas. Since I moved to this city dedicated my self to explore the surroundings and everything this paradise has to offer. I got so fascinated about how much you can find by just driving around a city that I decided to no only explore Vegas but anywhere I go.
Las Vegas has given me friends that I am thankful for, an amazing life that I love, my work that I'm passionate about (social media management), love for food, and unimaginable experiences. I love to support and share from small local business to big brands, sharing my honest experience, and how to enjoy everything what a city has to offer. 
Charola Botanera

Manejo de Redes Sociales & Colaboraciones 

Quien iba a Pensar Que...

Nuevos lugares, conocer gente, y llegar a entender como "negocios & redes sociales" trabajan una con la otra, me llevo a esta conclusión: 


El querer dedicarme a ayudar negocios, no solo a formar una "presencia", si no también, atraer nueva clientela. Aplicando mi experiencia y utilizando las herramientas necesarias para brindar resultados y/o encontrar soluciones en cada aspecto de operación. 

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