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About Me

Name Beatriz but I go by "B" or "Bea". Born and raised in beautiful Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. 100% Taco lover, and a strong believer that everything with tortilla and salsa taste better (lol). 
Moved to Vegas in 2016, excited to explore this city I started driving around Las Vegas getting lost and finding places to eat or visit for fun. I felt the need to start sharing my experience since I didn't know anyone in town at that time, I turned to social media , sounds sad but it really help me to start appreciating where I wanted to go next. 
I never imagine that this would be the start of what I wanted to dedicate my life. Taking pictures, live new experiences, trying new flavors, looking for hidden local gems not only around sin city but, any place I traveled, using my platform to give them exposure for  people with the same interests as me. 
Like I mentioned I don't only love this lifestyle in my city, but when I travel I also involve looking for amazing places that I can eat or places to visit around town that are more local.
With all this said, I absolutely love what I do and I want to "Thank You" for following my journey. I don't know where it ends but I sure enjoy the path I'm walking now, helping businesses manage their social media platforms, finding amazing bites,  living new amazing experiences... what else can I ask for?! 
Please, I always appreciate recommendations send me an email, subscribe or send a message on social media!  Any recommendations are WELCOME! 
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