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Buns With the latino touch

 El Birotazo

1- I heard about this place long time ago. With the perfect portion to take care of your hunger! The 

"Torta Ahogada" juicy carnitas between two buns with spread fried beans, served dipped in a traditional non-spicy sauce that gives it the perfect touch to a fabulous meal. 


2- Now lets talk about another torta called "Lonche de Pierna". Loaded buns of pork, veggies & avocado will put a smile on your face all day! 

Great Service, Small place

E. Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, Nv.

*Tip for both: Add a little bit of the sauce with onions on top for an amazing spicy kick, but be careful if you can't stand a lot of HEAT! 


Carnitas y Tortas Guadalajara

Having two locations in Las Vegas, this place offers bread brought all the way from Guadalajara, Mexico!!!  

You can enjoy a "Torta Ahogada" knowing that between your hands you have a piece of a tradition. 

Let me know what you think!! 

Good Service, Both locations Serve this dish

S. Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, Nv.

N. Eastern Av., Las Vegas, Nv


*Tip: Add the Red Salsa to each bite! And order an Horchata is SO FRESH! 


Carnitas King

I'm so happy to tell you that this place is worth the try with delicious juicy carnitas with a definitely Mexican touch. Coming from Michoacán, Ramon and his amazing team made this exquisite torta posible. Tender carnitas drowned in a flavorful homemade sauce & veggies, between a perfect piece of bread, gives you the perfect bite! 

By the way the chips are also hand made, so crunchy!! 

Good Service, Clean Place, 

6030 W Windmill Ln Unit E, Las Vegas, Nv.

*Tip: Green salsa is not spicy but brings awesome flavor the red sauce is HOT but so good and also make sure you try the carrots EXQUISITE!  


Raspados Mexicali 

Loving the Sonoran Hot Dog.. I came to this place by a friend suggestion, they serve a good variety of "dogs", all of them with Bacon Wrapped Sausage (WBS) inspired by Mexican flavors, here are 3 I got to try.

- Esquite: BWS, Elote, Cheese, salsa and Mayo. The elote gives a great flavor. 

- El Toro: BWS , grilled chiles, Onion and Mayo 

- El Mexicali: Chilli combined with veggies, that it gives that Mexican touch.

Good Service, Clean Place, Under New Management (I'll keep you posted on any changes) 

4865 S Pecos Rd, Las Vegas, Nv.

*Tip: My favorite was el Toro, is a simple combination that gives you a flavor like an "alambre dish"

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